The Medical City Iloilo Multi-speclaity Intervention Center (Outpatient Center) Locsin St., Molo, Iloilo City

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Russel OmenaIM- Pulmo5pm - 7pm5pm - 7pm5pm - 7pm5pm - 7pm
Amee De AsisIM- Rheuma9am-11am9am-11am9am-11am
Karl Vinen JoverIM - Gastroenterology10am-12 nn10am-12 nn10am-12 nn
Sheina Provido MagbanuaIM- Nephrology12nn-3pm12nn-3pm12nn-3pm
Cornelio II BorrerosIM - Cardiology2pm-5pm2-5pm2-5pm2-5pm
Cornelio II BorrerosIM - Cardiology1pm-4pm1pm-4pm
Richie Gaye LimbunganIM- Cardiology9am-11am9am-11am9am-11am
Janice Joan SantiagoIM- Cardiology8am-12nn8am-12nn8am-12nn
Tuesday GiradoIM - Pulmonology2:30-5pm3:30-5pm3:30-52:30-5
Sheenly SurescaIM - Pulmonology11am -12nn10am -12 nn10am-12nn11am-12nn10am-12nn11am-12nn
Ma. Dovie Lallaine YgpuaraIM- Pulmo1:30pm -3:30pm1:30pm-3:30pm
Noemi PanesIM - General8am- 12 nn8am- 12 nn8am- 12 nn8am- 12 nn8am- 12 nn8am-1pm
Vivian PagdatoIM-General3pm-7pm3pm-7pm3pm-7pm3pm-7pm3pm-7pm3pm-7pm
Louis MonteroIM- Nephrology10am-12nn
Ray AlindongIM-General8-10 am
Rael DullanoIM- Allergology9-12am9-12am9-12am9-12am
Mary Pauline HormillosaIM- Neuro3pm-5pm3pm-5pm3pm-5pm
Felix Ray VillaIM- General1pm-5pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm
Margret Lee LicupIM - Rehab Medicine3pm-5pm
Arlene PondiasFamily Medicine10am-3pm2pm-5pm10am-3pm
Rene SomcioFamily Medicine3pm-7pm3pm-7pm3pm-7pm
Roberto JacoboFamily Medicine11am - 2pm11am - 2pm11am - 2pm
Ramon BernalesFamily Medicine9am- 12nn & 1pm-4pm8am-10pm & 3pm-7pm8am-12pm
Rhoda Mae AbdallahOb-Gyne8am-12nn8am-12nn8am-12nn
Eileen GranadaOb-Gyne12nn-4pm12nn-4pm12nn-4pm
Gertrude Emile GelitoReproductive & Infertility4pm-8pm8am-12nn8am-12nn
Arnold LiwagOb- Gyne- General4pm-8pm4pm-8pm4pm-8pm
Ma. Sisa FernandezOb- Gyne- General8am-12nn8am-12nn
Razel ColacionOb- Gyne- General8am-2pm10am-12pm12nn-4pm4pm-6pm
Ma. Deb PalmesOb-Gyne- Sonology3pm-5pm8am-10am
Ray AlindongIM-General8am-12nn8am-12nn
Ma. Sancha Pauline A. GarciaPedia -General8am-2pm8am-2pm8am-2pm
Ma. Rosario TejadaPedia - General2pm-8pm8am- 4pm
Teresita GerochePedia - General2pm-8pm2pm ? 8pm2pm-8pm5pm-8pm
Ma. Perpetua BarreraPedia - General8am ? 2pm8am-2pm2pm-8pm
Stella PaspePedia - Allergology2pm-8pm8am-2pm
Patrizia NafarretePedia - Neonatology8am-2pm11am-2pm
Mary Grace AsoyPedia- Nephrology2pm-5pm2pm-5pm8am-2pm
Mae DagoocPedia- Cardio12pm-5pm10am-3pm10am ? 2pm
John ColacionPedia- General11am-2pm11am-2pm4pm-6pm2pm-5pm
Ma. Felma InosantoPedia-General2pm-5pm2pm-5pm
Jose Nemesio GranadaSurgery- General10am - 2pm10am - 2pm
Dave Endel GelitoSurgery- General10am - 2pm10am - 2pm
Demie TidonSurgery - General10am - 2pm10am - 2pm
Roberto AlfabetoSurgery - General10am - 2pm10am - 2pm
Roy TrinidadSurgery- General10am - 2pm10am - 2pm
Segundo AnayanSurgery- General10am - 2pm10am - 2pm
Wilfredo PolidoSurgery - General10am - 2pm10am - 2pm
Luis Serafin DabaoSurgery - General10am - 2pm10am - 2pm
Guadalupe MatejkaSurgery - General10am - 2pm10am - 2pm
Juan Manuel TirolSurgery- Urology9am-11am
Raoul Ca¤oneroSurgery- Orthopedic11am-1pm
Rafael Martin HiladoSurgery - TCVS11-1pm11-1pm11-1pm
Geoniross TupasSurgery- ENT1pm-5pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm1pm-5pm
Stahl AltameraDental9am-6pm9am-6pm9am-6pm9am-6pm9am-6pm